Cosmetic Bug with Switch & Slider and Hue Light (or laggy)

The auto updating of the slider doesn’t always update.

For example, If a hue light is set to 30% brightness, and I turn it off and on (using a switch), the slider goes from 0/100, even if the brightness on the physical hue light goes back to 30%.

If you wait a split second, the slider MAY update to 30%. Sometimes it doesn’t (stays at 100%).

Any way to fix this cosmetic bug?

It’s hard to answer. What are you looking at that isn’t updating? BasicUI, ClassicUI, Android App, iOS App, HABPanel, Habmin, PaperUI?

What are you seeing as the state of the Item in events.log as you send these commands? It will probably show the three HSB values if it is a Color Item. The last of the three numbers is the brightness.

If you reload the sitemap does it show the correct percentage?