Could not transform state

I tried to find something about JSON transformation with negative numbers and american number format, but did not succeed so far. I get the following error message and to not know how to solve it:

[WARN ] [ofiles.JSonPathTransformationProfile] - Could not transform state ‘-4442.9’ with function ‘$.’ and format ‘%,0f W’

Well, “-4453.7” isn’t JSON so JSONPATH isn’t going to be able to do anything with it. What are you trying to accomplish?

Ok I see. Thank you!

I changed to “Standard”, which worked. The expression I used also “worked” (as I had the number and the timeline as seen in the screenshot), but it produced the error.

Standard means “no profile to apply” and by “worked” you mean that it rounded the value to the nearest integer, that’s what the %.0f does.