Could one run OpenHAB on VeraLite hardware?

I have a VeraLite device. It was my entry point into home automation. Now that I have discovered OpenHAB and am running it on an Intel NUC, I was wondering if it would be possible to run OpenHAB on the Vera, replacing the firmware with a more bare linux with a JVM.
Has anybody done something like this? OpenHAB blows the Vera software away! :wink:

I am sure that the VeraLite hardware is insufficient to run openHAB, unfortunately. It would be nice! It might be possible to repurpose its Z-Wave radio and send/receive over a TCP socket to an openHAB server, but much more simply, you could use @mrguessed’s MiOS binding to expose its device variables and scenes as openHAB items.

Vera/MiOS hardware is way too underpowered to run openHAB.

In many cases, it’s also too underpowered to run MiOS, even though their engine is a lot lighter weight (Memory wise)

That said, using the MiOS Binding, you can reuse the Vera for it’s Z-Wave engine (which is solid, with Lock support) and for it’s ability to have external antenna (for Z-Wave range), and attach it to a cheap partner device (like an RPi2, ODroid, etc) that’ll run openHAB.

It’s a relatively cheap route to go, and you can then gradually transition from Vera, to the counterpart openHAB components, as needed (and as they become available)

I can vouch that the mios binding is working very well. Been running it for almost a year and OpenHAB has been rock solid with very little maintenance.

  • Garrett