Couple of HABmin nitpicks/issues

Hey @chris, a couple of notables I’ve run across recently on HABmin that I thought should be brought up:

  1. I noticed when creating an item, when you type in any value and I’m given the option to auto-complete via my browser, it actually won’t save the complete value. For example, if I type “Fam” and have the option to auto-complete to “Family”, pick that option, when I save, it only saves that which I typed (“Fam”). I’m assuming it has to do with a binding issue in angular (I believe that’s what framework you’re using).

  2. When creating items on channels, it used to automatically fill out the name based on the controller name, its (i…e zwave_home_node23_switch_binary). This no longer seems to be the case, and makes it far more tedious to re-create items (which I’ve needed to do a lot lately due to switching to new snapshot versions of the binding).

I’m not sure why auto fill wouldn’t work - this shouldn’t really be anything to do with HABmin I think.

For the item names - it still works for me. It is only done under certain conditions - eg if there is not already an item of the same name it wants to use I think.