Cozytouch binding

Cozytouch is an app for managing your thermal comfort appliances remotely from a smartphone or tablet.
Remote connectivity and control of electric heaters, electric water heaters, heat pump water heaters, heat pumps, boilers and ventilation systems.

Depending on your connected product, Cozytouch is compatible with two different protocols: IO-homecontrol & Wi-Fi.

Supported devices are from different manufacturors: Atlantic, Thermor and Sauter.

Cozytouch requires a special device named the Cozytouch bridge. This bridge communicates with the devices and with the Cozytouch WEB service.

I plan to develop a new binding to control electric heaters through the Cozytouch WEB service.

As I own only electric heaters (Sauter), I will focus on that but I could then add other kinds of supported devices with the help of others.

Is there any interest for this binding in the community ?

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This will be finally implemented by extending the already existing Somfy Tahoma binding because Somfy and Cozytouch use the same OverKiz API.

Thanks, in my future house I have a Atlantic device, i understand I can use Tahoma binding ?

The binding needs to be enhanced to support any new particular device.