CPU much higher after build 925

I’m running fine with build 925. Running top, java is taking around 5-10%. I tested running a Odroid C2(arm64) with Oracle 8 java and an Odroid XU4(arm32) with Oracle 8 java and tested with java versions “1.8.0_131” and “1.8.0_144”.

Somewhere around build 940 (i guess, not sure) I see that the CPU is increasing by hour/day. It looks that every now and then the CPU goes up starting with the same 5-10% and now after 4 hours it’s running 40-50% CPU. What I see that after a day or so the CPU load is 200%+. It is sort of CPU leakage :-). In the logs I don’t see anything different compared to the 925 build. My question is how to trace the root cause of this.

Any suggestions would be very welcome!

Is there anything unusual in the logs?

The first thing I would do is remove add-ons one by one until the CPU growth stops. When it stops you will have found the add-on responsible for the growth.

If you remove them all and it still continues to grow I would try one of the other supported JREs and see if it is a problem there or not.

Once you are able to pinpoint the problem a little more, you can then file an issue in the appropriate repo.