CPU Temp using systeminfo binding on Ubuntu VM & Network Link utilisation

Hi All,

using the systeminfo binding , installed via PaperUI in OH2.3

It appears the CPU Temp and Load Status dont return values, I assume this is because it’s a VM. All other items appear fine.

has anyone been able to expose the Cpu temp in a VM? Id like to keep an eye on the temp.

Further, can the Link utilisation be repsentated as a percentage? I can only see packets sent/received


I haven’t done it but I do know that CPU temp can be exposed from the hypervisor (I’m assuming you are running a type1 hypervisor) or from the host OS (if running a type 2 hypervisor) through SNMP and there is an SNMP openHAB binding.

Im running ESXi 6.7 Hypervisor

Ill see if google yeilds some results!