CPU usage with openHAB 2.4


I have openHAB installed on a Raspberry Pi 2. Is it possible that version 2.4 uses significantly more cpu power than before?


before = 2.3.0 Stable?

what changes did you implement during the upgrade?
maybe migrated from MQTTv1 to v2? other?
without data and facts: it is impossible to reach any logical conclusion

Yes, i migrated from 2.3 stable and I am using MQTT 2.4 now. I do not remember changing anything else.


Anything is possible, the sky is the limit … (i.e. that’s a badly verbalized question).
As you probably intended to ask “is it normal to use more CPU” then the answer is: NO.
Other than that see @Dim’s link.
Searching for a couple of kewords like CPU and slow should give you a number of results.