Crashed and can't restore

I had issue with my RPi Openhab2, coun’t use it. So I restarted it. then I had nothing in the things (I use PaperUI to configure things). I restored from backup and while I see the service running for few good minutes, still nothing on port 8080 listening.
I taught it might related to SD issue, but I have everything mounted to SSD external so I’m pretty sure its not that.

Checking openhav2 and events logs show nothing for few hours. System messeges as show some unrelated stuff.

How can I debug this ?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RaspberryPie 3B
    • OS: OpenHabian
    • openHAB version: Openhab2 2.4.0-1


Logs all stuck at 4 hours before the reboot
eventutally I reinstalled the system “sudo apt install --reinstall openhab2” and everything is back