Create a status section with different indicators for what's wrong

Hi everyone,

I would like to create a status section in my sitemap where I can see a quick overview about what’s possibly wrong. Like a traffic light visualization.
E.g. If one or more windows are open, show a yellow symbol or text.
If one or more doors are open, show a red symbol or text.
If everything is closed, show a greed one.
Probably more than one indicator for different criteria…

And so on.

I’m wondering if somebody already has built something like this. I’m just looking for ideas right now :slight_smile:
Especially about what to show, a text in a color, or a different icon probably (if that’s possible at all)? Or how to provide more details, like “2 windows are open”?

Thanks for your input.


Hi Viktor,

You can definitely do that using groups. Take a look at the demo setup (heating section), it’s self explaining!


Thanks, George, I’ll have a look.