Create an openhab image

I need your help. It’s for sure not the right forum but I know that you can solve my problem.
My openhab is running and I did an image of my SD card. (for a Raspberry Pi2)
Now I want to move this image to another SD card to test some things. But the Raspi do not boot from this card.
Generally I do it with WIN32DISKIMAGER, but it says that my 32 GB card das not enough capacity. The original SD card has the same capacity as well as the same brand.
Then I did it with Roadkil’s Disk Image, but this programm creates an image within some seconds and there are only some files on the SD card.
Is there a special secret trick to create a bootable image and write it back to another SD card?


WIN32DISKIMAGER crates image size with full SDCARD even though there is free space on the file system.

Its only possible to move an image to a same size or bigger SDCARD. Is this the case for you?

It doesn’t help you with your current image, but for the next backups you could use
You can create backups via dd, tar or rsync, even unattended.
The software is very well maintained and always up do date.

I have a odroid u3 with ubuntu 14 on it.

I use it with an emmc 8gb card. I now want to make a new install from scratch - so i will make this install on a sd-card. If the new installation is running, i will copy all to the much faster emmc card.

Can i do this? Raspi-Backup will not work on my odroid u3 i think?