Create Button to "Link" Lights

Hi All,

First time posting - first time playing with rules. Advice appreciated.

I’d like to make a button on my openHAB panel that, when enabled, links lights together. I have multiple hue bulbs in my livingroom, generally I like them to behave independently, but sometimes, I want them linked (and once linked, I’d like them to be on together with same brightness).

Once the “link” button is enabled, I’d want any slider associated with any of the hue bulbs to effectively control all of the lights.

Is this possible?

This thread explores a similar requirement

Yes, most things are if you are keen enough…

Groups would be the fastest to setup and means you create another set of controls for a MASTER which @rossko57 possibly gave a link for.

You could use a virtual switch that enabled a rule to copy and send the controls to the others to get what you want but the rule may get complex…

Or another way is to use scenes which is the way I prefer to set the ‘look’ of a room and it is how professional lighting rigs are run. See this thread for ideas which it can be triggered from switch and not just from a google home…