Create default "community health files" in the GitHub organization

Some file types can be put in a special repo (.github) and show up in every repo, as long as the repo doesn’t override these files. Supported files are:



Which repo do you think should own the .gethub file for the organization? I think it’s worth filing an issue on that repo. I’ll raise the issue in the AC as well, though with the build system changes I’ve been holding back doing too much of this sort of stuff (e.g. the security discussion) until the M2 release comes out. But maybe it’s time to dig back into it.

I agree, the templates probably don’t make sense but the rest make a lot of sense.

You can add default community health files for your organization to the root of a public repository called .github that is owned by the organization.

Right and the openHAB organization has over a dozen public repos. My question is which of those dozen should “own” this file.

The repository itself must be named .github. See step 3 on the linked help page.

I totally missread hope it works. Thanks!

@wborn @Kai I’ve seen you have created the repo with the file:
Do you want to add the other files as well, like or

Yes I think it’s a good way to provide defaults that can be used in all repositories.
The output of this GitHub discussion can be used for the file. could be a simple table with the mapping software (e.g. basic ui, add-on, android app) to issue tracker and a link to the forum for questions.