Create different property cards with same unit of measurement


Hi all,

I have various measurement points of the same property type, i.e. temperature. This is “Room Temperature” sensors (mapped as point to a location/room) and “Device Temperature” (mapped as point to equipment, e.g. to track overheating of a device). Now, I’d like to see these properties on seperate Property Cards (talking about standard OH3 Properties Tab page). How to do this?

I know I can change the Card name (under page properties) and change the Card Name from “Temperature” to e.g. “Room Temperature”. But how would I get a second card “Device Temperature” created? Is the only chance to set the 2nd temperture type to a completly different property (e.g. “pressure” or whatever)?

Thanks so much for your advice!

To my understanding your last statement is correct as the automatic generated semantic cards take the values from the semantic property fields.