Create Endpoint like with Node-red "hhtp-in" items

Our case is that we have some Huawei inverters in different locations over different routers with NON static IP addresses.

By default they send information to Huawei Solar Fusion servers but can be configured to send it to a specific IP server or domain, in this case to our server with Openhab installed.

I’ve tried to do with TCP binding in Openhab but the IPs from where we are receiving data from the inverters will change so is not a valid option. As we’ve seen on Node-red’s interface there’s an element to configure an endpoint easily and given our server have a static IP the connection will always be possible.

So I asking if there is something similar available in Openhab to achieve the same or someone have an alternative idea.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Is it just a raw TCP/IP connection or is it using some higher level protocol? Are they able to communicate by making REST API calls or send MQTT messages or the like?

The short answer, given the little information provided is no. You need a binding to support the connectivity. If the TCP binding is not sufficient, it would need to be updated to make it work for your case or a new binding would need to be developed.

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