Create Item that Alexa recognize as door with possible command open/close

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi3
    • OS: raspbian

I am using openhab2 with a homematic cul and different items. All are connected by the original openhab skill with alexa. I can dimm and switch light by Alexa and it’s working great. Now I have added a homeatic relais and placed it next to my garage door.

I have added the item in /etc/openhab2/items/myitems.items and Alexa is able to find it:

Switch cardoor "cardoor" <light> ["Lighting"]

But it is recognized as light and i need to say the command. “Turn cardoor on” and “Turn cardoor off”. I want Alexa to recognize it as a door and therefore accept the command “Open cardoor” and “Close cardoor”.

How do I need to define the item that it will be recognized as door with open and close command? I have already tried a lot, but nothing works.

I don’t believe you can use open or close as commands. Amazon dropped that and I guess that was because a lot of their apps use open… to start them.

It’s a real pain for windows and shutters (and doors) as everything else sounds unnatural.

Can I somehow use Rollershutter or String? Never used String, don’t know how to use it with Alexa?