Create Sitemap: Unable to use "Code" editor due to error message (openHAB 3.4.0)

Dear Community,

I’m using openHAB 3.4.0 release edition and want to create a sitemap via code, but I cannot achieve to create a valid sitemap code even with an empty, fresh created sitemap:

Creating sitemaps via designer works well and as expected. But I’m migrating from an openHAB 2.5 installation and I need to define sitemaps via code. Is there any known issue in the 3.4.0 at creating sitemaps via code?

There have been refinements and enhancements to the sitemap editor recently. It should be better at it in 4.0.
The error it shows is telling you it expects to see something in the sitemap.

Did you try copying your full OH2 sitemap in the code tab? I had succesfully loaded my OH3.4 sitemap in here.
You can also keep on using the sitemap defined in the text file if you want.

Thanks for your quick reply. Adding something has worked. Copying the full sitemap is not possible becuase I changed a lot of item names.

The code checker does not check the items exist. You could just copy it in and then change the item names.

Thanks, I had implemented it this way, but the error messages within the log were annoying me. So I have added some valid group items to get rid from these error messages.

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