Create statistics on power consumption

Hi !

I have a Z-Wave Fibaro Wall Plug and would like to get a monthly / weekly report on the power usage (kwh) used by the connected device. How can I do that ?

If it is the FGWP101 that you are talking about, then this device has two nice features that you can utilize:

  1. Internal monitoring of used energy (kWh)
  2. A command to reset (i.e. set to 0) the internal value above

As a starting point I would make a Cron-based rule that triggers e.g. once a day (typically at midnight). This rule simply adds the current value of the internal energy monitor of the device to an item that you have defined, and then issues a command to reset the internal energy monitor (so that it is ready for the next 24 hour period).

Now the rest of the work is mainly to do something with the previously defined item, i.e. maybe once a week generate a report based on the current value (and then reset it), maybe transfer the value to some other item that is used for making monthly reports, etc.

If you got this working, would you mind to share an example with us?
Thank you!