Created an HTTP Binding for Roku

I’m not an expert on Xtend, Java, the Roku API, programming, etc, etc… but I’ve created a simple HTTP Binding for Roku which could be streamlined and expanded upon by anyone interested. I’m using OH 2, but I think this could be adapted to OH 1 without too much trouble (move the HTML file, etc).


  • Autosearch
    • Custom implementation of automated search for given terms
  • Keypresses
    • Accepts all key names defined in the Roku API
    • Accepts ASCII characters (not space yet)
  • Channel Install and Launch
    • Accepts launch [channel id] and install [channel id]
  • Sitemap
    • Entry for Roku with current Channel indication
    • Webview of command box for directly passing commands

I’ll continue to update the repo as I work on it.

Feedback is very welcome!