Created Items via Paper UI are not written to the items / thing files

Hi there,

I’m new to OpenHAB, recently i use the openhabmin “openhabian-ua-netinst-20161216-git52cc420” on RasPi with latest OpenHAB2.
I’m a little bit confused about the configuration method´s in OpenHab2
I created items and sitemaps via Eclipse Smart Home Designer and via editor on the samba share, that works fine. Now i also created some groups via the Paper UI. In this case the groups are not written to the items file…but are still displayed in the Paper UI… Things (created automaticly during the hue binding) are also not written in the related things file…but existing in the UI.
What is my mistake, i do not get it :frowning:
Thanks for your help!

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No mistake at all: either you define something through PaperUI, then it goes to the JsonDB, or you define something in a textual file, then it will stay there.
Any changes through a graphical user interface will not be written to your textual files.
You can have a mix (as you have now) or you can try to do it all through GUI or all through textual files … which is a little bit more of work.
Either way will work …, great stuff, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

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Indeed great stuff, almost a “flux capacitor” :wink:

Okay i understand, good to know so for a backup I have to save the config files and the json db, correct?
Or is there a backup tool (planed) that collect and export all required data for backup ?
Thanks again !!


You may even backup your whole Pi fully automated:

A good idea if you are running your os from a sd card …

Happy fluxing …