Creathing things, items etc. in UI (openhabian:8080) versus defining them in the conf directory

Openhab 3.0

Newbee question:
I can define items, things and so on in the UI at openhabian:8080 and these are stored in a JSONDB.
But I can also create things files in …/conf/things and so on.
I have defined in the UI a KNX Bridge and KNX Device. All works fine
BUT: What happens in case i define the same in the “conf” directories?
Will that result in an error, is there a priorization? Is the JSonDB overwritten with the conf entries ??
A lot of questions coming up
The only information i could find is that the UI settings do not write in the conf directory but into the JSONDB.
Since I have about 90 things in my house i prefer the conf files editing above the UI.

  • Ray

Hi Ray

As long as your thing and item names are unique there should be no issues.

I use VScode remote development to maintain my setup. The openhab extention is exelent so give it a try.

I put as much information in the thing file as I can then auto generate the items.

I recommend doing it all one way either files or UI

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Hi James,
Thanx for the response. Tested it, works as sated by you!