Creating a chore list

I am new to home automation and started with Home Assistant but it just didn’t feel right for me. I have some programming background but it was too complex and I could not do what I wanted. Now I am giving openHAB a try. Basically I want to achieve the following:

A chore list where you can complete a chore and it gets removed from the list (or the checkmark stays). And then for each chore after it is completed it reappears in the list (or the checkmark disappears) after a custom set time. And basically if a shore was done a few days late, the timer should only start at the point of completion.

Is this possible to do in openHAB? I know it can be done by integrating Grocy but I would like to do this natively. I am not asking for the complete code but if it is possible could you give me some indications where I should make what? So for example should the tasks be items and the automation a script?

Hi Neros
you could someone build something like chore lists with openHAB.
I would rather recommend an App for this.
e.g. 7 Apps to Help You Do Your Chores - Reviewed

openHAB and Home Assistant are solutions for making your home smart rather than achieving a To Do list.

Hi Bredmich,

Yea fair point. I don’t know why this appeals to me so much. I saw it a bit like a smart home that tells you when it is time to clean the kitchen for example.

But I agree that this might be achievable elsewhere more easily.

Thanks for the reply.

Not tested, but I’ve done other stuff like this:

  • Create a switch called Clean Kitchen

  • Create rule to turn on “Clean Kitchen” at a specific time using Cron builder

  • Create another rule to send an email or text to responsible person when “Clean Kitchen” is turned on (could be in first rule as well, but you may want to generalize this rule as “Chores Due” and reuse for several chores/switches)

  • Have responsible person turn off “Clean Kitchen” when job is done, or use Expiry to turn off

  • Or build a page with all open chores(switches) showing status (ON/OFF)