Creating a sitemap

I have installed Open HAB in raspberry. I have create a new sitemap in configurations folder like home.sitemap and the code is

sitemap home label="Home"
 // Raspberry Pi
 // GPIO
 Frame label="Rasperry Pi GPIO"
   Switch item=RaspiLED
<img src="//" width="690" height="387">

But,I cannot see the sitemap in webpage

You have to option: either set your new sitemap as the default sitemap in Paper UI (under Configuration/Services/UI/Basic UI) or use the following URL http://<openHAB address>:8080/basicui/app?sitemap=home

But,I can see in Available sitemaps only DEMO sitemap! How to check my added sitemap

Here you can simply enter the name:

Sir, check both images I cannot find AUTOMATION Sitemap and I configured as per your suggestion

I think there is a problem in your sitemap definition. In your sample I see a “” tag outside the sitemap. This is probably not allowed and so your sitemap can’t be used.

I didnt get you sir, Can you figure it out clearly ? can you show me in the code?

The last line in your sitemap that you posted in your first post of this thread contains <img src= .... This won’t work.

sir, actually i have posted an image in the form of link! it is not included in the actual code

Ah OK. Can you see any error messages in the openhab.log file?