Creating an item and linking it to a thing

I am running OpenHAB 3.1.0 I have an thing added to my list of things. It was found through automatic discovery. The item is a Lutron light switch (On/Off kind). For some reason I am having no end of problems trying to create an item from this thing.

I am doing it through the xx.xx.xx.xx:8080 screen and going to settings. Thought this was the correct way to configure OpenHAB. Have lots of things/items configured already having a brain freeze not being able to remember how I did it before.


You have several options.

  • Navigate to the Thing and click on Channels. Select the Channel you want to link to an Item. Click the green plus icon which will open the create link page. If you Item already exists select “choose existing item”. If you need to create the Item choose that option. Fill out the info and apply and the Item should be created/linked.

  • If you have a lot of Channels on a Thing to create, navigate to the Thing and click on the Channels. At the bottom select “Add equipment to model” or “add points to model”. Fill out the info required to select which Channels, parent Location or equipment Groups, etc. Apply and all the Items and links will be created.

  • Navigate to the Item in Settings → Items. Choose “add link” and browse to the Thing and Channel you want to link to the Item.

  • From the Model choose “Create Equipment from Thing” or “Create Points from Thing”. Browse to the Thing and fill out the information to select the Channels and Item names and such.

  • In a text based Item config include { channel="<channel id>" } as part of the definition where the channel id is the fully ID of the Channel to link to.

There are more but those are the most straight forward.

Thanks, that worked wonders! everything is working great.