Creating Dev environment w/ IDE not working?

I was following the instructions for setting up the environment with eclipse as per but for the life of me I can’t get it to work.

The project ‘org.openhab.binding.smarthome’ won’t complie (77 error)…if I close that particular project, then I can’t launch open hab.

Any ideas?


ok so try to set it up again and in the ide setup of eclipse installer click all packages under openhab and add them by double clicking.
After launching eclipse and setup tasks you will still have compile errors.
A good old weapon will be “clean all projects” and marking all projects, then right click refresh.
After having still errors, start closing some projects. I closed cometvisu, pebble and other bindings. Try closing one, then clean all projects.
Do this steps, I think you need to close 3-4 projects by right click ->close project.
This should remove the workspace errors and at least make you launch openhab.

Let me know if you still wont get it compiling and running.
BR, Mehmet

After a bit of trial and error (i had to close MANY projects) it complied and it runs. The problem I’m having now is that the bindings are all showing up as gibberish (see picture below)

If I try and install the ‘gibberish’ binding, I don’t see it installed via the configurations menu. (Maybe not a suprise though)

How do I check/reset the bindings?


this is cause it is a demo extension service. Since it is inside the IDE where you dont have karaf.
You shouldnt install those, since its just dummy data.
What exactly do you want to do from the IDE ?
If you wanna dev some bindings, you should be fine…

If you wanna use OH2 on any device, I would propose to use the binary distro in the platfrom independent zip, see

If you still face trouble, after following this guide

let me know and I try to help out.
Remember that you dont have all functionalities (e.g. karaf etc.) running if you re local in your IDE…
See Strange extensions name in Paper UI after setting up openhab2 using "Setting up an IDE for openHAB" procedure

BR, Mehmet


I’m trying to write a binding for my xantech mrc88’s serial port that is connected to my network via a global cache.

I’ve run through the “Setting up an IDE for openHAB” page. What would you recommend as a starting point for writing a custom binding?


Ron Conti

Two of the three links are dead (404 error).

yes cause the docu started to move to the new official space:


…just check this out:

It will be filled step by step.