Creating Groups

This may be simple, but I’m still sort of new to OH2. How do make a group of lights? Does that have to be done within an items file? Or can you create a group color or other light from within the Paper UI or Habmin?

Yes,groups are in the items file…

This may not be what you want to hear: I suggest you install the demo, and then start reading the Wikki, and try to understand how the demo works… sorry, this is tough love; but you will end up asking endless questions until you get to colour switching you seem to be after – not understanding a thing.
If it helps to relate, I am still a newbie in OH; and spent so far maybe 40+ hours reading this forum… OH is a monster IMHO, but once you get the hang of it, it is magic :slight_smile:
If you do not want to put in the effort in to learn, I bluntly say OH is not for you.

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There are a couple options depending on the level of grouping required.

Here is another discussion on the same topic:

Thanks guys. I’ll keep playing around. In past experiments, currently I am using a Rule to control a number of Hue RGB bulbs together as a group like this.

Items file

Color	FamilyColorGroup		"Family Room"		(GF_Family)

Color  	Light_Family_Left		"Family Left" 		(GF_Family) 	{channel="hue::00178824e7e9:10:color"}
Color  	Light_Family_Right		"Family Right" 		(GF_Family) 	{channel="hue::00178824e7e9:11:color"}

Color  	Light_CeilingFan_1		"Ceiling Fan 1" 	(GF_Family)	 	{channel="hue::00178824e7e9:13:color"}
Color  	Light_CeilingFan_2		"Ceiling Fan 2" 	(GF_Family)	 	{channel="hue::00178824e7e9:14:color"}
Color  	Light_CeilingFan_3		"Ceiling Fan 3" 	(GF_Family)	 	{channel="hue::00178824e7e9:15:color"}
Color  	Light_CeilingFan_4		"Ceiling Fan 4" 	(GF_Family)	 	{channel="hue::00178824e7e9:16:color"}

And the rule

rule "Set RGBW Value of Family Room"
   Item FamilyColorGroup received update
   var color_value = FamilyColorGroup.state as HSBType

This works fairly well and is pretty responsive. And I had remember that group option there in the past in trying out OH2. I’ll start experimenting with using the Location field soon as well.