Creating Locations (Model and Pages)

I don’t seem to find a true tutorial on creating something like openHAB which is the Location tab of the demo.

FIrst - I assume I have to create the location in the model tab. I want a location (I think?) called indoors and one called outdoors. Or, maybe I am not being granular enough and those are groups and I should be creating Master Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, etc?

Then, once I have that, on Pages, is “Inside” the name of a block (doesn’t seem to be - my fonts aren’t like the fonts in the demo) or a true “location” I created in Models?

Next, after I create my rows/columns what KIND of cell do I create to have an image on it like the demo and then the items on it?

Badically, a location is a group with the semantic class location. If you want a location called indoors, create a group with the semantic class location->indoors.

If you want to rebuild the demo page, just log into the demo server as admin (credentials are shown on our website), go to settings → pages and check the code tab for the overview page.

Exactly what I needed! Thank you!

For docs/tutorials, be sure to review Semantic Model | openHAB in the Getting Started Tutorial and I wrote a deeper dive into the model at A Deep Dive into the Semantic Model for details on the semantic model.

The Location, Equipment, and Properties tabs of the Overview page are driven by the semantic model and the “default list item widget” Item metadata.

There is no right or wrong answer here. But I recommend you think of your end users. If you present this UI to house guests, what makes the most sense for them?

Here is how I have mine (zoomed out to fit on one screen):

The model looks like this:

Obviously I’ve done further customization, all of which is covered in the Getting Started Tutorial.

Finally, don’t make the common mistake of creating a Location Item which represents a lat/lon coordinate when you need to create a Group with a location semantic tag