Creating my first item (using a BLE thing)

So I am completely new to Openhab - Just set up OH2 on my Pi Zero W last week to see how it works out. And I am having some issues figuring out how to correctly set up my things.

I am running “3rd Party Bluetooth binding” to connect my custom BLE devices to my raspberry pi. The device that I am trying to set up first is a light dimmer.

So my device shows up in paper UI and has a bluetooth:ble:EC8B40DD1553:1BC50000-1BC50001-switchstate channel. It takes up a numeric value from 0 to 100 which indicates the current dimming level. When you set it in the paper UI the device turns on a light with the correct percentage. If something fails, the device will again update this channel to indicate the correct value.

Now I am trying to represent that in my items file as a light dimmer. I thought that it would be as simple as this:
Dimmer FF_Bedroom_Light "Light main" <light> (FF_Bedroom, gLight) ["Lighting"] {channel="bluetooth:ble:EC8B40DD1553:1BC50000-1BC50001-switchstate"}
But this isn’t exactly working. If I set the “Light main” to 100%, the device state updates to 1%. So my guess is that Dimmer sets values in an interval from 0 to 1.0? But I am not sure. Do I have to use a transform here?

Another thing that I have is a switch module. This one accepts an enum that is has on/off values (in paper UI it shows up as a drop down menu). How do I set up my thing so that it will show up as a switch instead?

what does PaperUI show for this Channel Type? (most likely Switch… correct?)

If it is Switch, I don’t think that you can use a Dimmer Item on it.

Have you checked for addition channels in PaperUI by clicking on “show more”? With some bindings you will find several more channels when this is clicked.

No. It shows up as Number.
These channels are set up via the Binding that is used.

The binding for this is configured as:

<Field name="Switch state">
        <Reserved start="101" end="255"/>

I am not entirely sure how these translate into Openhab. But my guess is that most of them will just translate into a Number.

I think I figured it out. I changed my items file to:
Number FF_Bedroom_Light "Luc glavna" <light> (FF_Bedroom, gLight) ["Lighting"] {channel="bluetooth:ble:EC8B40DD1553:1BC50000-1BC50001-switchstate"}

And changed my sitemap to (from Default):
Slider item=FF_Bedroom_Light label="Bedroom"

It now shows up in the UI as a slider and changing it updates the value correctly and the icon looks correct and everything.