Creating myopenhab user via REST API

I’d like to use targeted push notification in my custom openhab android app, i.e. send a notification to a specific user. I have them log in/sign up in my app, so that i can get their email/password.
I see that I need to create a user in, but that would mean for every user that uses the app, they would have to create an user via the UI in the website.
Is there a way to do it via REST API? So that I just have to send the email and the password via REST API call using my app for the account to be created?

Thanks in advance

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Authentication and Authorization mechanism is not currently available in openhab or ESH. I believe that may resolve the issue of creating username and password at from habpanel or any other client using openhab-cloud REST API.

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Did you find the solution ?

If yes, then let us know about it.


Solution is, we wrote api to create user at openhab-cloud.

Bear in mind, the cloud software hosted at is also available now in opensource. If you get lot of users and want to ensure response times, you may want to host your own cloud instance running this software, or be kind enough to donate in order to keep scaled to its demand.