Creating new binding

Hi all,
Is there anone can help me out to how I can set a development environment for creating and working around new binding. Its been second day that I am trying to have a environment but the result was headache. If someone just give te basic steps of clean intalliation, It will be really great.


This does not help?

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Did you look into the documentation:

It describes precise steps for eclipse and also steps to create a new binding. If you have specific problems post them here. Don’t waist hours to get it running, while the answer might be simple.


Thaks for replying @Bruce_Osborne @hilbrand

I think I have problem there. Because I can create new binding but when it comes to importing I can’t do it.

Right now I have; and I’ve org.openhab.xyx-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file also. My problem is the guide tells me that I should import to eclipce but I dont know to import it.

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