Creating single switches (for homekit) for sitemapnselections

This picture is of two sitemap selection items I have that are tied to a centralheating_powermode and coffeemachine_powermode.

Normally I’ll start up the openHAB app and set the central heating power mode to on or scheduled. On for a manual override, scheduled to set it back to its regular program. Regardless of how it currently set. At 2200 it is set back to scheduled.

For the coffee machine it’s similar. On for scheduled time, but sometimes I’ll clean it early and set it to off, where at 2200 it goes back to scheduled for the morning.

I’d like to exposed these power modes to homekit. So I assume I’ll need switches for each selection that set the appropriate power mode. I think the heating one is ok.

For the coffee machine I currently have a zwave switch called “rocket” - so I can “hey Siri turn on the rocket”. But as it stands, if I set that switch to off, The rule that looks at the power mode will over ride it. So I need a way of saying in a rule if the user sets the rocket switch to off, change the power mode to off. Otherwise if the rule turns off the switch via the power mode schedule code leave the power mode on schedule.

Any ideas if this is possible. Of course exposing the power mode selecting to homekit directly would be a much better way of doing it, but I think that’s less possible.