Cron is missing

Hi guys,

Since a fresh manual install of openhabian i seem to be missing Cron?
All of my rules that worked before aren’t firing.

Ive used this test rule

rule "Testrule"

Time cron "6 0 18 ? * MON-FRI *"
logInfo("Test", "Test")

And nothing happens? is there a way of installing it manually?


What did the log say when starting openHAB. Anything unusual? (like --failed)
BTW it might be interesting which version of openHAB you installed (release, snapshot, milestone #??)

As far as i know it’s the new stable version v1.5-567, Logs dont appear to show any faults on startup? although im not 100%

I had issues installing a fresh install of openhabian a few days ago, so i went for “manual/ fresh setup” option in config. That was the only way of installing a working openhabian.

Openhabian seems to be installing ok, so i’ll go with a new install

That is the version-number of openhabian and NOT openHAB. Via openhabian one can install a release version or a snapshot.

thanks for your time, but ive got a clean openhabian install working now.

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