Cron problem

Hi, I’ve a problem with cron condition I’m using to start some rules in my project.
For instance, I use the condition Time cron “0/5 * * * * ?”

The rules works perfecty for days and days, then ( I don’t know why) they stop working. The debug is ok, no errors. I think a cron fault condition, other rules are working…

Anyone have experiences with this problem? Thanks a lot

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You really want to fire every 5 seconds?

@sihui Yes, every 5 seconds. I use the rules to run execution of a python script and refresh items

Do your rules always finish in five seconds? If not you could be running out of RAM or threads as you get more and more copies of the rule running at the same time.

I have the same problem, all cron rules stops working. Some times it works up to 7 days, sometimes 1 day.
In log nothing unusual.
Now i use OH2 b723, but this problem was in my OH183 too.
How to find a solution?
How to view karaf console cron based debug events?

In the last weeks I’ve not continued on the development of my openhab project.
My idea is to change the cron with a timer call. I will lost the syncronization with the clock, but for me it’s not a problem. But now I’ve not time to test it.
I hope to solve the problem…

Hi, @mircomazzu. Do you use cron rules with periods less that 1 minute?

@martiniman Yes,I’ve some cron, the faster is setted at 5 seconds. Every 5 seconds I call a script to update the status of an orvibo wireless socket. Every 2-3-4 weeks all the cron in my project stop working

Remove it for test.
In OH2 my rules stopped after 1 day, then i remove cron less that 1 min, and now testing.
And it works 2 days for now :slight_smile:

@martiniman Yes, It should be a test… please tell me if you solve. Bye