Crypto mining on a nas

Hi all,

But off / on topic but I’m just dabbling around with the idea of using my synology nas to do some lazy mining.

It’s on all day and just sits there so might as well earn it’s keep.

Is this possible? Has anyone done anything like this - perhaps in docker or the like?

Also, has anyone managed to get crypto currency rates or wallets displaying into OH? That part might be overkill as I can just go into a trading app and see and the sheer number of micro transactions each day might be too much.

Doubt you can earn anything on nas unless you have a beefy gfxcard in there.

I have a mining rig that I monitor from openhab. I parse data from ethscanner, 2 miners pool as well as parsing logs from lolminer. I also invoke shellscripts with execbinding to reboot and shutdown the miner which is hooked up to a zwave wallplug.

Thanks, and yes the more I look into it the more I think it’s not worth it via a nas. The idea was that as it’s already always on it can earn its keep but for the sake of a penny or two a day it’s more hassle / pain / wear and tear than it’s worth.

How much did your rig cost and what does it return a day in mining (if you don’t mind me asking)

When it comes to mining, I don’t think it is wise to calculate profit based on the value today (we’re in a bull market). Mining is a slow investment that will take time. If you want to invest in crypto I suggest buying it directly and skip the mining part. The only reason I’m mining is because it is more or less a hobby and I have always been into hardware and building computers and similar. I started some years ago, but it has always been in a small scale.

I suggest you look at where you can input graphic cards and calculate profitability. The thing with crypt is that it will go up and down and is highly unstable.

Thanks, yes I’ve already bought a few crypto currencies and just let them roll as a long term plan, they are highly volatile but overall they do trend slowly upward so I’m happy to leave them for the moment.

I too was just thinking of ‘having a play’ to mine and just get a feel for what it’s all about but don’t want to have to spend too much money / time on it if I get nothing out of it.

I’ll have a look at that site, thanks for the info.

I was considering mining too especially with my shiny new rtx3080… prob just buy instead tho and take the easy route :joy:

I know I had Bitcoin when I was young and it first come about. Might have to dig my very old HDDs out and see if I can locate (I still have every one from when I was like 15, I’m 36 now) :joy: #hoarder

Hah it’s probably worth it considering the recent price run. You never know, you could be a millionaire on paper already.

You should bet on a new token that need only hard drive for mining. It’s called Chia. Maybe the nas will be a new kind of mining rig :stuck_out_tongue:

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