CSV API for Openhab to send data from car by torque from OBD2

There is an app to get data from your car via the OBD2 interface, the app is called Torque. There is a binding for Home Assistant for it, which seems quite easy. Unfortunately, I do not understand how it works and how to transfer is to an openHAB binding.
Can some explain to me what the HA binding does? I thought torque is sending some data via csv, but I cannot verify it.

I neither use HA nor Torque - just had a look to the description and the source code for HA plugin.
As far as I understand who that works together is:

  • install the app
  • configure the app to distribute data to HA ( that’s done via setting of an URL to upload data to HA )
  • the Torque plugin for HA will provide this URL which accepts requests from the the app which reads out the data
  • the HA binding provides the URL and stores the data in the HA internally

Thanks, that also what I understood.

Do you know a binding that does something similiar (so also interacts with another application or service by getting data via the API? So that I have something I can built on when I want to make a binding for OpenHAB?

I think most bindings do active download of data while this one passive receives data that is pushed to it.
Have a look to [webhook] New, very simple binding for listening incomming http requests this binding creates things as a web-hook.
As a step before I would use a webserver/apache setup to debug what really is being uploaded.

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