CT-101 Thermostat

After reading a lot of post about people using this thermostat I went and bought one today. I can not
get it to finish initialization. It gets stuck at STATIC_VALUES and never goes any further. OH tries over and over but to no avail. Are there any suggestions? I am using this mornings Cloudbees Zwave binding and am running OH 1.8.
I have ZWave working and can control a Smart Outlet so I know it i not something general. Something about this thermostat.
Any help is much appreciated!!! I also don’t have an XML in the etc folder for this node. Is it because it isn’t initialized yet?

openhab.log attached at pastebin

I wanted to mention that I have used a few older Zwave bindings also but I get the same problem.All the way back to 1.7 that is included in the addons folder from the website.

You don’t mention what node the CT101 is so the log can’t be analysed.

Also, can I suggest not double posting the same issue both here and on github. I’ll close the github issue.

Sorry it is Node 10.
Also I didn’t know if the same people looked in both areas. Next time I will post here only.

Bump? Anything? I don’t know where to begin.

I installed Domoticz on my Linux laptop and was able to get this working. I don’t know what the differences are but maybe that can help someone out. Does Domoticz create xml files?

The issue is that this device is reporting that it supports the association command class on endpoint 1 and 2. This in itself is a bit strange as I believe that this class shouldn’t be multi instance. However, that’s not the real problem - the problem is that the device then doesn’t respond to the association class in endpoint 1, so the initialisation keeps trying.

I need to have a think about how best to work around this issue…

If there is anything I can share from Domoticz please let me know. It works
manually so it’s not a problem at the moment. Just want to complete my
install. This is the only thing left. Until I add something else. :slight_smile:

Chris, so you know, I likely have the same problem, with the same hardware. The CT101 will not pass static values. Not sure if this is affecting my CT30 as well, but it could be.

To whom it may concern. I still have the same problem with OH2. I have used the Zwave binding available from the Paper UI. I would post a log but it is the same as before with OH1.

Still have this problem with Zwave binding on OpenHAB 2.2.0 stable. From the debug log, it doesn’t seem to advance beyond STATIC_VALUES.