CT100 Low Battery Display - Change batteries no change

Anyone ever have this happen?

I have 2 Bars in the low battery icon, I put in fresh batteries and no change!

Everything seems to be working ok, but I wonder if my 3 yr old CT100 is failing…

I really like it and it has been trouble free…


A bit more info, please?

Where did you put the batteries??



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That’s funny!

The CT100 does appear many times in these forums, including many posts by me posting scripts and improvements that many people have found useful…

The CT100 is a zwave Thermostat

I am pretty sure I posted this as off-topic

I was also not demanding support, I was just casually asking if anyone had a similar experience.

I have contributed to the project with scripts as well as answering questions and a few improvements to the MODBUS driver back in OH 1.9

So please get off my back
Thanks and have a real nice day!

Is there another way to get battery status? e.g. in a local display? (I don’t know the CT100)

I just tagged this thread as z-wave to get more visibility.

The battery may not be updated immediately after you update the device, so it may take some time to update this.

Good idea!

I was checking the display, let’s see what the zwave tag says!

It has been days… good thought…


Radio Thermostat CT100 is a great wifi, zwave, zigbee thermostat. It’s also rebranded as 3M and available in the big box stores. I have two of them on my heat pumps and they work very well. The batteries are under the lower front cover (there are three batteries). The battery warning can come up is the 24v feed from the furnace/air conditioner is not present or if the batteries have too low a voltage. Simple test, change the batteries for new fresh ones. There are several Youtube videos on this. New to OpenHab so haven’t checked to see what configurations are available to the CT100 yet. Incidently I have both the Zwave and the Wifi plugins for mine.

Our zwave database shows a CT100 and CT 100 Plus.
We have been unable to find the configuration parameters for the CT 100 but there are several things that can be configured on the CT100 Plus fromn Z-Wave with OH…

I did change the batteries.
I will check the 24V feed.

The zwave tag reports a “-” for the battery level.
The other settings I have appear to be rational.

I need to try removing all power from it and see…