CT100 Thermostat OH2 binding -- Resolved

New to the OH community and trying to get my new CT100 thermostat working to its fullest with OH2. I was able to bind to it but I am seeing weird events logged in my logs.

It keeps show that initialization is not completed.

2016-10-08 22:34:08.541 [DEBUG] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 3: Polling…
2016-10-08 22:34:08.542 [DEBUG] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 3: Polling deferred until initialisation complete

I am also not able to change any of the options using the OH android app.

This looks like you are running the thermostat on battery, is this accurate? If so, you should be okay, just have patience. The thermostat has to wake up a few times to finish initialization with the binding. Until this happens, you won’t have any ability to control the thermostat.

Thank you Jim for the quick response, I have the batteries as well as the C wire. Should I remove the batteries?

It is acting like it was included to the controller with just the batteries. If you are going to run the C wire with power, you should exclude the thermostat from the controller, and include it again making sure it is powered with the C-wire. When it is included with line power, it will update much quicker than if included with battery power.

Thank you again, I was under the impression my C wire was working, I get 24v to the thermostat but it doesnt turn on. I will tackle that issue first.

When I installed my CT50 it was advised to include it WITHOUT batteries in it. This way it would “recognize” it as being powered by the C wire. After inclusion, you can go ahead and put the batteries in.

I don’t know these devices, but I think this is wise advise.

I know that for other devices that have the option of battery and mains power (eg the Aeon 4in1) that you must include with the power source you want to use as this will set how the device is reported to the controller. The device can’t change this once it is included, so if the controller thinks its on batteries, but the device thinks it on mains, then there will be problems.

Thanks everyone, I included with batteries then I installed the C wire. I will contacting the manufacturer to figure an issue with the C wire. I will post my findings once I have that figured out.

It’s been a while but so we can close this thread, the issue was that I started the binding on batteries, once I was I able to remove and start the binding process again, the thermostat worked