CT100 Thermostat widget OH3

Anybody got a working widget for a CT100 thermostat that works nicely with OH3? I had this thermostat with my Vivint security system and kept it around when I canceled that service and migrated to a z-wave and Hue set of devices.

Pretty much any thermostat widget you find under the Addons - UIs category will work. The whole point of OH is that it doesn’t matter what specific device it’s connected to. By the time you are working with rules and UI widgets it’s all just Items.

I don’t see any thermostat under Addons - UIs.

All I got there is
CometVisu Backend
PHP support for CometVisu

Maybe I got something misconfigured though.


I have a CT100 connected to Home Assistant and I just hid one of the devices. I don’t know why it creates a device for both heating and cooling but even though I disabled/hid the “heating” one, I’m still able to use everything via the “cooling” one.

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