CT101 with mains power but not zwave_listening


I have three CT101 Zwave thermostats, IRIS version (0098:6501:000c) (with patched Zwave binding), and they work well. They all have a C-wire connected so I was hoping they would act as always-listening routing nodes (as the user guide says they should). However looking at the properties in the thing config page, they all say

  • zwave_frequent: true
  • zwave_listening: false
  • zwave_routing: true
  • zwave_beaming: true

Does this mean the devices are not, in fact, acting as always-listening routers?

Could you share with me the jar file that you are using. I am having a terrible time creating it with eclipse using the pull request that you linked.

I managed to get it building on Windows and added some instructions to the PR on github.