CTA GmbH (Switzerland) Heatpump and Controller Aeroplus 2.0/2.1

Hello !

I have OpenHAB running and I have a Heat Pump that is brand new and soon will run the heating of my house.

The Heatpump is controlled by a controller, named “Aeroplus 2.0/2.1” and the company building the heat pump says, they buy that controller from a supplier.

The Aeroplus ha a network connector and can be controlled using a Java Interfce from the Browser with Java Plugin.

Now, I have a few Questions :

  1. By chance, does anyone have any experience with bindig that to OpenHAB ?
  2. Or maybe any suggestion about a Binding that could be used to controll something through the Java interface ?
  3. Any other ideas ?

Thanks for your comments.


Hi, I have the same heat pump. I installed wireshark to maybe fish s.th. helpfull and also decompiled the applet. But to much work.

I found this, what might be interesting:

Seams to me, that the the luxtronik_2.1 might be the same as Aeroplus 2.1? Did anyone try to get some FHEM PM running in openhabian? Would be very glad for some help…


and another hint:

Ok, I got my cta ready:

Install this binding: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/novelanheatpump1/

there is everything descriped. I just added the IP and did not change the port or refresh intervall.

A simple test. Put this in the items file:
String HeatPump_State “Status [%s]” <temperature> (gHeatpump) { novelanheatpump=“state” }

this to your sitemap:
Text item=HeatPump_State

The Novelan/Luxtronic binding workes also with my CTA Aeroheat CS 12is heatpump.

Some hints (maybe interesting for some others integrating CTA heatpumps):

  1. Reboot your heatpump (power off/on) in order that IP connection works. For the heatpump configuration: WebServer Password can be kept default (999999).
  2. When you add the IP address in the binding config file services/novelanheatpump.cfg: Make sure you remove “#” in the line you edit, as “#” marks comments.
  3. For me the default port=8888 works fine, even I have the new Luxtronic V1.73 in use.