Curious Behavior with Amazon Echo

I have a Fibaro Roller shutter Controller hooked up to the bedroom shutters, and a homematic dimmer controller hooked up to some LED lights under the bed.

If I ask Alexa to open or close the bedroom shutters she says “Bedroom shutters doesn’t allow that” What she does understand is “set the bedroom shutters to 100 per cent” (to open them) or “set the bedroom shutters to 0 per cent” to close them.

If I ask Alexa, “open the bed light” she does it. Same is true if I ask her to close the bed light.

So the open/close commands work on a light dimmer but not on the roller shutter controller.

So I changed the device type of the Fibaro to a dimmer type but the open/close commands still don’t work.

We are perfectly happy using the commands that Alexa understands to control the devices. I just wanted to point out this strange contradiction. Its a bitt humorous.

Openhabian install on Ubuntu mini PC

I would just set up a routine for this, then the wording can be w/e you like

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