Curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

Since yesterday my openhab cloud is showing offline. I tried curl command from Rpi3 console and its giving me this error. How can this be solved?

curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

Yesterday my internet service was down and its back now again, Also I updated dhcpcd.conf to have static IP for RPi3. Will having static IP be an issue?

Below is the event log from I cant see any entries in error log too.

An update to this. When I commented out the static IP configuration in dhcpcd.conf its working. I tried Un-commenting it back to static IP and its again started not able to access websites.

And when I connect it using Ethernet cable it works with Static IP.

So seems when I assign static IP its not able to connect to wifi. Has anyone else faced this issue? Any work around?

Check the raspberry forums for static IP issues.

If you have access to your router I would set a static/reserved IP address for the RPI there and leave the dhcpcd as default.

Yes, I have asked the question on RPi forum, will wait for any replies on that. My router is not allowing to assign any static IP :frowning: