Current Flow-path for a Smart Home Integration System


I’m new here and to the OpenHAB Smart Home process.

My current project is connecting multiple different devices together so that I can access my sensor data on my phone.

My project starts off with…

  1. The sensor data being collected by Arduino Uno’s (I have a wide variety of sensors - temperature, humidity, etc.)
  2. That sensor data is being pushed over to a ‘hub’ (Raspberry Pi 3) via Bluetooth HC-05 module where the data will be stored into a mySQL database that is hosted by the Pi.
  3. The data will be pulled from the mySQL database to openHAB’s system, where I can access the sensor data on my phone openHAB application.

I was wondering if this current flow path is achievable and if there was a faster way to get the sensor data all the way to my phone app.

Thanks a lot.

OH is not really able to pull data from a database. You would probably be better off to make your hub, in addition to saving the data to a database to also publish the value using either MQTT or push the value to OH through the REST API.

Thanks so much for sending this!

I’ll take a look into MQTT and REST API.

Thanks once again.