Current recommendations for automating existing roller shades?

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I’d like to bring up a commonly asked topic to see if there are any updates. Does anyone have current recommendations for automating existing roller shades? Our shades were installed fairly recently, so we prefer to keep them if possible.

I’m pretty flexible on protocol. Tasmota, zwave, zigbee, etc are all OK.

Thanks in advance!

Fibaro FGRM-223.
Sonoff/Tasmota, while cheaper, isn’t good in calibration and setting to a percentage, let alone lamella tilt control.


Thanks for the recommendation! The fibaro only works with roller blinds where there is an existing motor, is that correct? Our current blinds are manual, no motor included, so I will have to source that as well.

Yes. All decent blind controllers are standalone. Easier to repair/cheaper to exchange when in need.

I’d be interested in your solution on this, as I’m starting to think about roller shades. I’ve got as far as:

I have not purchased or actually tested these - it’s on my to-do list!

I have installed a number of 22 Shelly 2.5 controllers for my electric shades, they work flawlessly and stable (of course good Wifi coverage is a must have, I use a Fritz Mesh to achieve it).

Also calibration is perfect, for example if I put them all in 70% position in one floor, the shades are really in the same position with a tolerance of only 2-3cm.

Only when positioning single shades manually (for example, I set them to 50% by Alexa, then close one manually and set them back to 70% with Alexa again), the positioning control gets wrong by a about 10cm, but after a full open or close, this margin is gone.

I currently use Dooya motor for my roller shutter. I link a cheap RFLink Gateway to control them. RFLink control perfectly Dooya Motors and probably many other brand. There is a binding for it but I’m not using it because it is not fully developped yet. I control it directly with the serial binding.

However, position based on percentage is not managed. I can set in Dooya motor a fully open position, fully close position and mid-position. Only those positions can be set through RFLink device.

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