Current state of OH 2.5 and the build system

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Please inform me about the current state regarding the build system change and the schedule of the next release? Will it be a OH 2.5 release or an OH 3 version due to the lack of backward compabitlity?

Thanks in advance, unfortunately I was pretty busy for a few months now and back then, the IDE was not working and there were tons of errors showing up in Eclipse IDE.

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What is not backward compatible? Aside from some changes we had in every release there is nothing that changes from the user-perspective.

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Thanks for your fast reply. I guess the addons need to be updated and all addons which are not doing that, won’t work?

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What do you mean by „updated“? All addons on the repo work (aside from some bugs which should be fixed before the release). The problem is: bugs need to be reported, we can’t address them if we don’t know they exist.

Also the OH1 addons should work (at least that is true for those I use) WITHOUT changes.

Addons that are not part of the official repo might or might not need updates, that depends on the code.

That is great to hear - so there won’t be any surprises after updating to OH 2.5 then. Any idea when that will happen? Is the IDE starting and running smoothly?

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I updated my snapshot installation some time ago from #1555 to (i think somewhere around) #1590 - nothing worked… only errors in the log… So i went back to my backup and all worked like a charm.

Are the biggest errors repaired now or is it still not advised to use the 2.5 snapshots?

That depends on what bindings you use. I know of problems with allplay, amazondashbutton and some bluetooth. But as I said: we can‘t fix what we don‘t know.

The errors ware not because of some bindings…

See mey post from a few weeks ago… [SOLVED] PaperUI not available and Items doesnt work after Update

I didn´t solve all the problems, i went back to my old snapshot #1555 update. And the advise was not to use the snapshots at that time.

I test out pretty much every snapshot and see most/all of the errors you’ve reported in the other thread on the first startup after the cache has been cleared. After things settle down, I restart OH and the errors are gone. IMO, the S1603 is pretty stable and I am using it in my production setup.


Ok, thanks, will make a snapshot from my virtual oh installation (running on esxi) and test the latest oh-snapshot.

Is there somewhere to find a changelog for openhab latest builds?

For snapshots, you’d need to look at the individual changes, but they only go back a few builds. This is an example for openhab-core. The best way is to see what has changed is to go to the repository and look at the PRs merged prior to the build.

For releases, there’s this.