Current state of rollershutters

Hello guys,
I have been trying to find a solution for this but had no luck…
I am using raspberry pi with openhab 2.1.0 with my fibaro rollershutters.
I can control my rollershutters via openhab. However, when I use manual buttons on my rollers the state of the rollers is not updated within openhab… For example, I close shutters using openhab, status is well updated, but then when I open rollers using wall switch, openhab still thinks rollers are closed.
I was checking logs in openhab console but I have not seen any error linked to this.
Anyone has any idea?

Thanks a lot


Difficult. Enable zwave debug logging first to see messages reporting shutter state.
You possibly have set reports to be Fibaro proprietary. These are not supported in OH.
There’s a zwave parameter in the device you can change.