Custom elements

Is there a way to make a custom element? Is there any documentation?

The main goal would be the integration of a textbox for password input.


No, but I’m sure the community would welcome such an addition to the code. Keep in mind though that this is no small effort. It would require changes to:

  • the sitemap grammer
  • BasicUI
  • ClassicUI
  • Habdroic
  • iOS openHAB app

I might suggest looking at Habpanel. It has more opportunity for custom widgets and there might already be a text field entry widget someone has posted. Look in the habpanel examples and tutorials category on this forum.

I’ve already looked at Habpanel, and implemented the text input that I need.

The big issue, is accessing via Android devices. The openhab app, keeps the session always opened (every time that you start the app, it doesn’t ask for credentials).

The HABpanel, accessible via a link on the main screen, asks every time for credentials… Do you know any way to overcome this?