Custom icon naming problem

I’ crated an cusom icon to be used in ma openhab project.
the problem is the icon does not show or may show depending on the name given.

I’ read throug the documents but did not find any information of naming restrictictions.


<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 24 24" width="48" height="48" >
    <g stroke="#000" fill="#686868" stroke-width=".5">
        <rect x="0" y="20" width="24" height="2"  />
        <rect x="11" y="17" width="2" height="4"  />
        <rect x="10" y="19.5" rx="1" ry="1" width="4" height="3"/>
    <g stroke="black" stroke-width=".5"  fill="white" >
        <rect x="5" y="12" rx="2" ry="2" width="14" height="5"/>
        <path  d="M12 12 v-2.5" stroke-width="1"/>
        <path  d="M8 4 q4 -2 8 0" stroke-width="1"/>
        <path  d="M9 6 q3 -1.5 6 0" stroke-width="1"/>
        <path  d="M10 8 q2 -1 4 0" stroke-width="1"/>

this code I' copied to the openhab location /etc/openhab/icons/classic.
there are 2 identical copies;
- network_wlanRouter.svg
- network_icon.svg

using the name "network_icon" showing correctly

using the intendet name "network_wlanRouter" does not show the icon.

I believe that the icon names are restricted to lower case characters ( Icon filenames may include lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens (-) and underscores (_)).

thanks that worked.

I’ did read that sentence but overlooked the lower case only detail.