Custom Icons in HAbpanel

@ysc First of thanks for that great user interface. To day i started with the first tries and ran into some issues. First is that mapping is not support in standard widgets. Second is that custom icons are not supported - Is that right?

For the last one or two years i used the KNX-UF Iconset from the german knx forum . This set has around 800 icons usable for homeautomation, formats are svg and png and maybe it is possible to include it as a standard into habpanel. Lately it moved from the forum to github


The stable 2.0 version from January does not, I added this last month (May 30th). So you need a recent snapshot version, and it will be in the next stable release.

Currently the iconsets and icons displayed by the icon picker you see on the widget configuration pages is indeed hardcoded. You have more flexibility in custom widgets and templates though. See for instance here.

KNF-UF icons can’t be bundled with HABPanel because of their “ShareAlike” licensing.

Hm, I installed yesterday a fresh Unstable on a new system (openhabian), but i didn’t get the mapping to work. In the Classic UI it is working. I am not sure what is wrong.

@ysc And on the icons, are you are willing to implement them if we aregetting a permission to use them?


No, I think the proper way to go from now on is not to embed builtin iconsets, rather allow additional iconsets to be made available through bundles, possibly made available on the Eclipse IoT Marketplace. Add-ons can be published there regardless of license. This would require some work to make HABPanel’s icon picker to recognize those iconsets.

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I was using these icons in OpenHAB 1 as PNG and would like to use them as SVG in OH2. The iconsets that come with HabPanel are extra limited.

Is there a guide how to make iconset?

Would be nice if the icon is read from the items file (I know HabPanel gets the string from the items file…but not giving you a chance to use it… probably can be fixed for icons too)